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We consider it part of our civic duty to help the communities we live and work in. NOF has a long history supporting nonprofit organizations, whether fulltime support or simply to help them fulfill their mission. Our clients consist of everything from large to small organizations including churches, schools, rehabilitation focused entities as well as those that support our most vulnerable citizens. Contact us to learn how we can help your Nonprofit and for special pricing and discounts. 

Startups & Small Business

NOF has experience with startup businesses with everything from design, installation, procurement, and management. We ensure the invested money is maximized for the purpose it was intended for. Likewise, we never turn away a business, no matter how small. We believe in helping small businesses grow to their maximum potential.

Small & Medium Enterprises

With over 30 years helping small- and medium-sized enterprises maximize their IT investments, we have the experience and background you can rely on. Whether that means being your full time IT Department or integrating with and augmenting your current staff, we are here for you.


NOF understands that no two business industries are alike. But every industry requires IT systems and solutions that reflect the way it operates and does business. That is why we provide specifically tailored services to help your business leverage the most out of its technology. Below are some of the industries that we have developed special capabilities to create customized solutions for:

  • Education
  • Banking, Finance, Accounting, & Investment Firms
  • Healthcare
  • Law Firms
  • Government
  • Manufacturing & Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Engineering
  • Defense Contractors

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