Information Technology Experts

Today’s world is driven by innovative businesses which requires smart people coupled with the right information technology to succeed.

To ensure that technology is the “right” one relies on a company with experience and your best interest in mind.  However, what we have found is that there are a lot of start-up technology providers making lots of promises to provide the best service at the cheapest price.  We don’t make that promise! What we do is, guarantee that our professional service is at the best price.  After all, we are an experienced technology services company having served all types of businesses as a trusted partner in their success.

We will work with you to understand your infrastructure, current requirements, future growth planning and build a support portfolio that is easy to manage and flexible to meet your needs.  Our staff has worked with all types of businesses and can provide you sound advice based on proven models.

Please contact us today for more information by emailing or calling (850) 434_-8600 or 1 (800) 368_-2315 to speak directly with our staff.

Information Technology Experts

All of our clients are important to us, we believe that you must be satisfied with our services, as it impacts our reputation and anything less than satisfied customers devalues our position in industry.  We believe that because of our ethics, you will not only trust us as your IT provider, but as your business partner.

  • Hassle Free Support – We consider your business as important as our own success, your satisfaction is our primary concern.  We will provide you the best service and work with you and your team to resolve the technology issue.  If the problem persists and our solution did not solve the issue, we will return to work the problem at no cost to you – Guaranteed!
  • Remote Monitoring and Support – With many Managed Service Providers, you will get a call center that has been hired to manage their case load.  When you call for help from Networks of Florida, you get one of our trusted employees, dedicated to helping you within 2 hours or less – Guaranteed!  Our 24 hour remote monitoring alerts our technicians to potential problems, letting us minimize impact to you.
  • On-Site Support – If our remote services cannot fix the problem, we will dispatch our highly experienced team to your site to make repairs.  And because our team knows that any technology downtime can impact our clients’ bottom line, we will expedite the service call.  This means you don’t wait for days to have a response but can trust a Networks of Florida Technician is dispatched within minutes of identifying an on-site visit is needed.
  • Custom Support – Too many IT support companies respond the same way to every problem – try to up sell new services and attempt to make your business model fit theirs.  We understand that no two businesses operate the same way, nor do they have the exact same technology needs.  We specialize in custom support.  The only way to get to the correct needs of the client is to “listen”.  Once we have an idea of your need, we will rephrase, not in typical IT Jargon, but in plain English.  Our goal is to develop a plan you understand, meets your needs and keeps your business optimized.
  • Experienced Support – Because of our experience, our projects and estimates are accurate.  We won’t keep coming back asking for plus ups if we underestimated the true cost of the project or work to be completed.  Simply put, we deliver on-time and within the prescribed budget we developed with you.  Our billing is straightforward, no hidden costs with our charges and they are pre-approved by you in the service agreement or project contract. 

We know you have options in choosing technology support and understand we have to earn your business every day, with every service call and onsite interaction.  We trust that once you employ us to solve your technology problems, you will tell others and be glad you made the business decision to choose Networks of Florida.  Your Satisfaction is guaranteed with us 100% of the time!

Please contact us at (850) 434_-8600 or 1 (800) 368_-2315 or at to discuss your technology requirements.  We will be happy to conduct a review of your business systems and offer you the best price possible – and even though under no obligation to pick us – we trust once you know our team, we will be your partner of choice.